Full Cat A and B refurbishment


Upgrading Computacenter

The building was client owned and had been so since 1975. Initially, the building was their main sales centre and lacked all forms of modern mechanical infrastructure. The chairman decided to bring the building into the modern day
and decided to fully overhaul for their main UK salesforce team. We were contracted as principal contractor under a Design & Build basis, working hand-in-hand with the client’s strategic design team.

The Refurbishment

The project entailed complete strip out of existing mechanical & electrical services as well as existing roof and façade. The introduction of the new curtain-wall façade meant a complete redesign of all air management systems. This incorporated new VRF cooling systems and primary air handling units, being located within the roof and the basement. The client required 80% open-plan with 20% cellular offices, reorientation of new toilets and public health systems on all floors, and break-out and lab-spaces within the basement – which was previously used for car parking.

The Challenges

We underwent various design and local planning challenges with Southwark Council to introduce both mechanical and architectural façade designs. And the introduction of the Boris-bike-lanes faced us with extraordinary logistical challenges in delivering plant and materials, due to the limited access to front and side elevations, which left us with most deliveries being accomplished at night.


Principle Contractor | Full CAT A and B refurbishment

Contract Sum | Area
£5m+ | 45,000 sq ft

Programme Duration
14 months


Introduction of Boris-bike lanes

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